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Côte-Nord enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a salmon and trout fishing paradise! Whether you’re angling for brook trout (speckled trout), lake trout, Arctic char, northern pike, ouananiche (landlocked Atlantic salmon), whitefish, or Atlantic salmon, the lakes and rivers of this region offer an unparalleled experience in harmony with nature. The cold, pure waters of Côte-Nord offer outstanding fishing. And brook trout anglers will be happy to know that this region is the only one in Québec that can guarantee its brook trout is indigenous, thanks to a government regulation that prohibits the stocking of local lakes with non-indigenous species.

The hunting options in Côte-Nord are many and varied. Moose and black bear are found nearly everywhere in the region, while thousands of white-tailed deer can be found on Anticosti Island, where bag rates are among the highest in North America. In the Fermont region, avid caribou hunters can retain the services of an outfitter when the herds pass through on their migration. Popular small game include snowshoe hare, ruffed grouse, spruce grouse, willow ptarmigan, and waterfowl.

Licences and information

You must have a licence to fish, hunt, or trap in the province of Québec. Licences are available from authorized agents. For information about the regulations in effect, visit, call 1 877 346-6763, or contact any regional wildlife protection office.

You also can visit the Web site of the outfitters in the region of Côte-Nord, by clicking this link: